Cope Street Garbage collection time

Dear Lane Cove Council, We, the undersigned residents of Cope and Best Streets, Lane Cove petition you, the council to bring the collection of waste in our street in to line with the rest of your own regulations on noise. It is not acceptable and is completely unreasonable that we should have to be repeatedly woken at hours as early as 5.30am, by the waste collection services that you have contracted, particularly when you quite clearly prohibit other noise before 7am. Our sleep patterns and therefore our lives are being disrupted by this, and it is not healthy. Please amend the contract and only permit the waste collection in our streets from 7am.


Lane Cove Council regulations on noise


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    Mandy Chen, Australia

    4 years ago Comments: -
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    Ruth Cann, Australia

    4 years ago Comments: I often feel so exhausted on the days the waste collection has been that I feel I shouldn't drive to and cannot function properly at work. The times they often come, before 7am, is just far too early for that amount of noise in a resudential area.
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    David Johnson, Australia

    4 years ago Comments: It is unreasonable for those of us in quiet residential streets to be woken so early by noise. If we were to make that noise ourselves at that hour we would be subject to complaints and Council's regulatory penalties.

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