2008 Talent "Contest"

We are opposed to the plan for the 2008 Talent "Contest". We are asking that if the timing is too late to save this year's (now "Contest", please for the enjoyment of the children, allow for next year that the Talent Show carry on as in previous years before. If you want to have a contest for fundraising, please separate this from the Talent Show, have a "Money Raising Contest". Also, it is very important that the children have their own choice of talent, song, group, etc... without having to sell votes! As it currently stands for March 2008, we are sending the wrong message ("Buy 1st place") as well as putting as ugly spin on what was once a fun experience for all.


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    lisa Middei, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I have a daughter in 4th grade and I teach mostly photography at Northgate High School. I am also disappointed in this years platform as my daughter was hoping to participate and is no longer going to if the situation remains the same. I have contacted Dr. Simmons by e-mail 3 times to ask for explanation for this years event and for change as there was not a contact name on the form plus I wanted to hear from him what he thougt about selling votes to win a talent show. In all fairness, the form does say "the winner of the All Star Show will be the group that raises the most money" ...To be named all stars "each group will sell votes for $1.00." It is still a talent show in my mind and it seems to be to the kids no matter what the name is being called this year(they share a talent with their school for all to watch) The fact that the form says the winner will be the group that raises the most money really cought my attention and challenged my beliefs. Not only did our kids need to think of a skit, dance etc..(they like that part), but now you could hear them talking about ," now what are we going to do to sell votes, who can we ask, I wonder how much grandma will give etc.... so we can win....." It's also just really odd to sell votes to people who might not even see the perfromance. I feel strongly this is the wrong message to send to our kids and I take it probably a little more personal because I am in the arts. I know about the need to raise funds for our programs and the fact that this platform is being used to represent art fund raising is especially troubling to me. With respect , I beleive the commitee had honorable intentions in trying to raise lots of money for the arts . Perhaps someone's grandma might donate $25 dollars to a group, somebody's business might donate $200, etc. but .is this really fair to the students who have an amazing talent but whose parents can only donate $2 I do see where this could potentially generate some considerable cash, yet, the kids feel it is their talent show where they showcase their talent. Is it fair to base a winner on who is good at selling votes or which group has the most affluent donaters I just think intentions were good but some of the ramifications were perhaps not thought about. For example, it would be kind of like me telling my photography students to bring in their best work for a show at school and the winner will be determined by who can bring in the most $1 votes! They would say , " Huh,how can that be fair Mrs. MIddei.. I don't have any money,..My mom can't come that night... It's just wrong to raise money in this manner when a child's talent is at stake. I know my collegues would think I were pathetic to raise money in this manner. How is it fair to "buy" a win. In my opinion talent should be based on talent and not who can bring in the most money to quote"buy" a win. What I mean by "buy a win" is one of the ramifications to running a talent show in this manner. For example, when I attended elementary school there was a pumpkin decorating contest.. You were suppose to put money in the can next to the pumpkin you wanted to win. There were average pumpkins, horrible ones, and some awesome ones. Unfortunately a few dads turned it into a one up ordeal and basically kept an eye on each other and just wanted their child to win regardless. My best friend won with a horrible pumpkin because her father put a $10 in every time he passed which totalled $250. She had to put up with teasing for quite sometime by the kids saying that the only reason her pumpkin won was because her father put so much money in. Unfortunately we all probably know people like this. They will do what it takes to "buy" their child a win. The boy who should have won never got his glory because his parents were not able to put in more that $5. I just feel it is the wrong type platform to raise money for an artistic event. Talent is talent and should not be based on who has the potential to bring in more money than another family. Also, if you are showcasing children's talents why can they not do it on their own as an individual or in any number amount they choose Some of my collegues and I were wondering where the number 5 came from I loved the boy in previous years that did his solo on the drums! What if a child had studied tap for years and was brilliant. Why does he need someone else to perform with him. Finally , the students do view this years event as a talent show know matter what the new name is, (You are aking them to perform and share a talent.) I just wish that maybe $2 at the door and then an extra basket for those who want to donate more could be the new fundraising platform. As previously stated, I do believe the PTO had good intentions but some of the gray areas perhaps were not thought through. As far as being part of the solution and being a team player I am all for that except that when something goes against your beliefs and what you think is in the best interest of the children. They should not have to sell votes to be in a show! I must say that I have never contacted the principal before but I needed to make a stand on this one. The platform for raising money for the arts and showcasing talent is wrong this year and I would like to see a new format be offered. Additionally, we as parents have the right to voice our opinions and the petition format works well.There are lot's of dissatisfied parents out there this year. Some just have not found this web site yet -- I myself can be a technology loser and it took a day or 2. As far as being a team player and doing what is best and together we can achieve more---I think you will have a much better turn out and the opportunity to mend some fences if the format were changed for raising money and allow for some individuality rather than all group routines.
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    Charissa Browne, United States

    7 years ago Comments: My older student has loved the talent show for several years and my younger student was so looking forward to it. They are both disappointed in the new format. Let's give the talent show "back to the children" where it belongs. Thank you.
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    Suzanne Grimm, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The All Star Show is not a talent contest. It assumes that our children have no talent and would be more comfortable selling tickets to win, which is really gross to me. Does everything have to have a dollar value to be valuable Is this really a good message to send our kids
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