Ban "Smart Meters" in Missouri

Multitudes of people are complaining about inexplicable high electrical bills. The common thread is that they have been using the same, or in many cases, LESS electricity than before, yet their bill has dramatically increased. They are met with excuses and nonsense from the rural co-ops. The analog meters had much more surge protection. The local co-op admitted that the meters can be manipulated remotely. Fight back, sign the petition to ban the "Smart Meters". It's up to you to not let them get away with the fleecing of the consumers.


Citizens Against "Smart Meters" in MO



  • Steve Crystal just had a smart meter i belive installed on oubeen in r home i noticed that or elec bill is the highest its ever been not to mention i have been getting headaces since its

  • Fritz Gerth In a time when Americans are concerned about personal information being gathered, Why would we wont personal information being gathered such as when we are awake and active? Smart meters would show the energy being activated when we are awake.

  • Tia Your house is your home no one should tell you when an what to put on it fight back against smart meters. We have rights!

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    Craig Williams

    3 weeks ago Comments: Another means of killing us off softly.
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    Gary Weaver

    3 weeks ago Comments: Get rid of these smart meters they make elderly sick children sick and all people that have them in thier home sick they omit radiation in thier homes and make you terriably sick plus they can burn your house down destroy your appliances plus raise your electric bill get rid of electric smart meters and quit risking people's health when they don't even know it's being ruined.
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    Linda Roberts

    3 weeks ago Comments: I think it's not right to make people sick without them knowing it. To install these meters that omit radiation in thier homes marking them sick and thier innocent children sick as well. IT's JUST NOT RIGHT AND THEY NEED TO END THESE SMART METERS ONCE AND FOR ALL GET RID OF THEM NOT GET RID OF PEOPLE BY MAKING THEM SICK WITH THESE SMART METERS!!!!!!!!!!!
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