Complete Release of Naoki Urasawa's Monster on DVD/Blu-Ray

On April of 2004, Studio Madhouse released the anime adapatation of the manga Monster by Naoki Urasawa. Viz Media has licensed this anime, but has only released the first 15 episodes of the series on DVD format. If you want this series on DVD/Blu-Ray please sign and show Viz Media that there is a fanbase for the series.


  • Anonymous This is my favorite anime. Its very unfair not to give it a chance.

  • Lucas Flocco I will buy every boxset of Monster.

  • Shawn Dickinson Monster is the best anime to come to america period. The story line is so fascinating, and original - theres nothing remotely "anime" about this...anime. Its a psychological thriller - and makes you think - who is the real monster here? Naoki left that up to us to decide (but Im vyying for a Monster Sequel! Of any kind - maybe a revisioning from johan's point of view - or what joahn's up to now. Every place in the world they visit is depicted beautifully. This story transcends anime - into something else entirely that everyone should see. I would be ecstatic and preorder it the second it came out if they were to re-release a "Naoki Urasawa's Monster" on blu ray - especially if they really paid attention to the remastering for 1080p - and loaded it with extra features - id like to see/hear some interviews with the english VA's from their point of view now. Maybe even a limited edition with some cool stuff (maybe that creepy poem book! or a facsimile of what it's supposed to be. Or not thing outside the box and go with an artcase, a soundtrack (althought Id actually listen to this ones OST) - and an artbook or something. LOL - What can I say I crave innovation and originality. This show is the optitome of it and to not even have it available on any form dvd - blu ray or some sort of instant download is a down right travesty. This is the Royalty of anime, and it could of been done ine any medium novel, pc game (it was a) manga, anime, live action movie/series - and it would've been just as freakin' good. It has you guessing at the end of every episode grasping at straws until the mystery is revealed and you we're no where close to being right Haha.

    Anyway - whatever company owns Naoki Urasawa's Monster - the English Dub licence - either get with the blu ray tootsweet or we'll petition for a licence rescue! Shame on you for sitting on such a golden piece of art. Ive yet to find story wise an more original or fascinating plot than the 55 magnum opus that is Monster. Dr. Tenma is one of the most original and cool characters ever - infact thats all this series is filled with - no one is static - everyone grows in one way or another - the art is distinct from all other shows Ive seen and unique in its own right. This needs to be a full release on remastered Blu-Ray atleaaast if not BD/DVD with a special collectors edition pack or something cooll like that.

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