Community Nursery under Threat

Broad Oaks Nursery are under threat from the Highfield Hall Community Association. Broad Oaks hire a room within the community centre and have been treated unfairly and been unable to provide the level of service they really want to that fully benefits all the children they care for. Broad Oaks Nursery are being faced with an ultimatum to either LEAVE or pay a large increase in rent as well as sign an agreement that is unfair to them as a child care provider. The association are unwilling to negotiate at all. The association have put on hold plans to possibly provide 2 year old funding from April 2014 to the much needed local community. This is definitely not very community minded!

The small group of 7 members that includes 4 or 5 good friends make up this HHCA and volunteer to provide a service for the community.

We want you to help us by signing this petition to show your support for a local nursery and to raise awareness of an upcoming AGM meeting at Highfield Hall Community Centre on Marsh Lane and to gain more members onto the committee who are willing to support a local service such as a nursery.


  • mrs beverley carruthers This is a super nursery and I fully support the excellent service they provide They need everybodys support so we do not loose this valued community center. The children being taught by super staff feel very safe within this friendly atmosphere and gives them confidence to reach their goals in learning and their entrance to Junior school Far too many nursery are closing and we will fight to keep this running . .

  • Stuart Heathcote Thank you for your kind words :)

  • Anonymous Is anybody thinking of the uneccassary unsettlement of these children if this nursery closes? Not to mention the unemployment rate when not only staff lose their jobs but also parents have to give up work as they have nowhere for their children? A nursery is part of a child's development and to take it away out of sheer pettiness as it appears to me is disgusting? Other than selfishness and ignorance what are the true reasons for taking an early years settlement away?? I attended one of the "comittee" meetings and unfortunately it seemed if your face doesn't fit or you aren't somehow associated with the committee and allow them to pull your strings you are strongly unwelcomed.

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    Roland Arthur

    12 months ago Comments: The Nursery provides a needed service to the local community and should be retained.
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    Sarod yad, United Kingdom

    12 months ago Comments: -
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    James Bentley

    12 months ago Comments: My Little boy goes to Broadoaks Nursery which is a great little NURSERY within the Community. It provides a great starting block for Children pre school at a very cost effective level, this no doubt would change with an increase in rent to the proprietor. What plans do the association have that is making them sign an unfair agreement or an increase in rent! As far as I can see the association hasn't spent any reasonable level of money on the centre so does is the proposed increase being used to find this! Everybody understands things cost money but when an unjust proposal is submitted which doesn't carry reasonable grounds then people will oppose it! Why can't the community hall organisation work with Broadoaks to come to a sensible arrangement that suits both parties rather than a power happy committee dictating how it's going to be going forward?? Ultimately the parents will pay for this hike as Broadoaks has no other option other than increase it's prices to supplement the increase, potentially loosing business and putting good highly trained Nursery Staff out if a job...!! I suggest the community organisation gives great consideration to some of these points
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  • I fully support the nursery and their excellent work with the children in their care. They should be helped in this and not hampered. So many people in the area will suffer if this nursery has to move or close. This is supposed to be a community centre, the clue is in the name. It must be run to serve the community not the few who seem to think it is their own little kingdom.The Council must be very unhappy with this strange attitude of secrecy from the committee.
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