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Please sign our petition to keep Columbus Day! This petition was initiated to oppose a movement which would rename Columbus Day. We feel that Enough is Enough! This is a pure example of Killing the Messinger! Columbus was a Great Navigator and Explorer who had the foresight to do what no one else did! If we do not protect our Traditions what will we lose next to Politically Correct Extremists Will All Presidents Day Exclude those who had slaves Will Christmas be renamed because it may offend some We Cannot judge historical figures by todays moral standards! The majority of us have trouble keeping abreast of these movements because of our busy lives with Family and Jobs. We can no longer be silent or our traditions and rights will be lost forever. Please Sign Our Petition! Feel free to print it and obtain signatures. Hopefully we can Deliver a Message to Congress and The President that Enough is Enough!


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    Richard DiLorenzo

    1 week ago Comments: Enough is Enough! What else do we have to give up?
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    Gregory Clawson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: As an Italian American and someone who was born on Christopher Columbus Day it should remain as so. The Italians celebrate it as a proud to be Italian day in America. Also if the government wants to make a "Exploration Day" they can use another date on the calendar. What's next abolishing Thanksgiving and calling it we are sorry we came to America day?
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    Donna Conti, United States

    5 years ago
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