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There has never been a more enjoyable season for college football fans across the nation. The 2007 campaign has truly shown that on any given Saturday that any team in the college football world can compete with another. We have arrived at a time in history where fans have longed to be for many years. All but the finale of the season. If any team can compete at this time with any other, why not form some type of playoff system that has been needed for some time now The reason - MONEY. Our money. Fans money. And it\'s time for the fans that spend the money to not only show up with their wallets and pocketbooks open but to also be prepared to open their mouths and SHOUT (not voice) our opinion. There is no reason that a system can\'t be formulated to include the bigger bowls in the scheduling of this system. Yes, it will take away to a certain degree from the days surrounding January 1, but hasn\'t that already happened anyway The BCS National Championship game is currently being played almost a full week after New Year\'s Day, and with more dates being utilized the television revenues should increase. But the bottom line is US, the FANS. So join me in SHOUTING your opinion to the NCAA - It\'s Time For A Playoff!


This petition is being originated by me, John York, for the sole purpose of petitioning the NCAA to give the fans what we have wanted for years - a Division I College Football Playoff System. My website to display my purpose and goal of this petition is (

Links Official Fan Website Created by me, John York, for purposes of providing as many fan e-signatures to the NCAA as possible to show the massive interest in a Div I College Football Playoff.


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    pierre, United States

    7 years ago Comments: It is a shame that this is the topic of discussion in every newspaper and on every television show. You don't hear newscasters debating the validity of March Madness or if the NFL playoffs work. If this is the discussion that we are having then there is obviously a problem. The focus should be on the players, the teams, and the matchups. Shame on those of you who are in charge and can make a difference.
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    jude labarca, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Stop protecting the NFL. College football is bigger, more fans, more support, more teams, stadiums, broadcasts and yes, can make more money than the NFL.
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    bill, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This is simple in order to beat the current system just stop watching all of these meaningless bowls. The market will take care of the rest.
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