CBC-Get Rid of Cole & Neale

Whereas, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is owned by Canadian taxpayers. Whereas, Hockey Night in Canada is a television show on the CBC. Whereas, Bob Cole and Harry Neale are the main play-by-play and colour men for Hockey Night in Canada. Whereas, both men make repeated errors in identifying players, which two teams are actually playing, the score, who is being penalized, the rules, how much time is left on the clock, which city they are in, what day it is, when the next game will be, pronouncing player names, and so much more; We, the undersigned, demand that the CBC take immediate action and: 1) Permanently replace Bob Cole and Harry Neale, 2) Replace them with Jim Hughson and anyone other than Greg Millen (if it has to be a goalie, we will take John Garrett), 3) Re-hire Chris Cuthbert as the number two play-by-play man on the CBC, 4) Make Scott Oake ask relevant and worthwhile questions, 5) Take further measures, and permanently replace Don Cherry with Kelly Hrudey.


People For The Ethical Treatment Of Hockey Fans http://www.sportsmatter.blogspot.com/ http://battleofalberta.blogspot.com/


SportsMatters http://www.sportsmatter.blogspot.com/ Battle of Alberta http://battleofalberta.blogspot.com/ Hockey Night In Canada http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/stanleycup2006/


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    robert jackson, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: I had wanted to sign a petition to get rid of donald gurlyman cherry. I actually admire cole and neale even if they are a little bit senile and suffering from mild dementia. they're harmless guys and neither of them support the idiot in pink suits either. Cole is just suffering from an expiry date problem . Donald Cherry aka gurlyman needs to be ousted. get with the program guys!!
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    Robert Jackson, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: In any business, if you have a malcreant, imp, bully, festering nag, negative employee, it will wear on those it imposes it's ill will on. The business will fail until it severs the employee. Except, CBC makes big money on this donkey and here's why. He has become the icon of the Toronto Maple Laughs. CBC has become a circus entertainer because people love to watch others make an ass of themselves, and there is no bigger circus attraction then Don Cherry. He is a star-studded attraction. It's hard to choose who was the bigger loser for the team as far as winning championships is concerned, Mat Sundin or Don Cherry. Mat Sundin the superstar ballerina, look at my whopping 30 goal seasons or, Don Cherry the I'm a racist bigot who once had the greatest hockey player in the world(of his day) for two seasons and won one stanley cup with him. Mats is gone. Don is still flinging crap all over our organization. He is the cancer of the Toronto Maple Leafs, a loser with a mouth full of emotionally retarded belches that come from the mind of an ass with a penchant for verbal fisticuffs. CBC wins, the Maple Leafs lose. He is constantly at odds with anybody who wants to tussle with him. Anybody. Right now he's putting his disease in our managers corner, Brian Burke. Look folks, the guy is a trojan horse. He talks crap. He doesn't care one iota for our team, never has and he used to admit his heart has always been in Boston. He is a rating attraction for CBC, a big draw as I explained earliar. A business needs people who lift each other up and get the best out of each other to make the business prosper in all areas. This man has done nothing but get laughs out of the CBC audience, and make lots of enemys around the leauge who are afraid to speak out against him because he is an exploit artist. He exploits anybody who gets in his way. He preys on peoples emotions. The organization needs to be rid of the labouring donkey and get on with Brian Burkes plan, the business of winning. We need positive reinforcements in our organization like any other corporation. CBC will do fine without him because a large majority of canadians love hockey more then anything else. They have watched a less then mediocore team for far too long. It's time to end the circus. Don Cherry needs to be told to hang up the gloves, and leave. NOW!
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    Michael George, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: Fire Don Cherry! He's not Canadian - he's wearing Boston logos on Hockey Night in Canada. Get rid of him.
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