Call of Duty Ghosts 4-player splitscreen multiplayer

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the last franchises that have been honoring the age old tradition of gathering a bunch of 4 friends in a room to play some 4 player splitscreen multiplayer. It turns out in the latest Call of Duty Ghosts, Infinity Ward has chosen to cut it completely leaving only 2 player local multiplayer. This petition is to raise awareness about a number of us who still love to play splitscreen games with a number of friends in the same room and not just over the Internet. Please bring back 4 player splitscreen. It was the best!



  • Edgar Alonso i want 4 player mp

  • Kimberly I want 4 player split screen!

  • chris Wtf I guess the younger kids forget what it is like to hang out with people in the same room but please don't punish us old school gamers for it.

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