Bring back Coconut Yoo-hoo

We, the citizens of the \'HooNation beg for a return of Coconut Yoo-hoo to the marketplace. As it stands, this magical elixir is only sold as Koko Blanco and only available in a very limited area of metro Miami. If Yoo-hoo agrees to put it back into production and make it readily available to the public, we the undersigned promise to buy every last bit of it from the shelves. When a reasonable amount of signatures are gathered, we will present this petition to the decision makers at Yoo-hoo.


The Citizens of the \'HooNation



  • Jaresia Zepeda Please bring coconut you goo back without changing the flavor for the last 5 years I been looking for this drink I use to be able to find it in the circle k by the navy base tht was located next to my house next thing I knw gone ..not happy about the corporate discussion to dc

  • Taunya Tyson I agree, because if it wasn't "in demand"as corporate say. Then us po soul's would've not missed it being off the shelf for so long. They need to first ask the consumer before discontinuing a loved beverage by so many people like myself and you. SMH.....I'm disappointed in them..Lol..

  • jesse madariaga please for the love of christ brinf coconut yoohoo back!!!

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    Tyrone Mapp

    33 minutes ago State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Comments: I have been wondering for years, "why did they [yoohoo corporation] discontinue coconut yoohoo?" I see now that I speak for thousands of potential [and previous] purchasers. Coconut yoohoo is one of your best products. You found lightning in a bottle and did not realize it. This is one of the best chaser for cognac.
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    Clif Bryant

    17 hours ago State: New Jersey
    Country: United States
    Comments: I have some great memories of buying coconut Yoo-Hoo from the bodega on the corner growing up in Brooklyn! Then one day it was just gone off the shelves!! Companies always do this put out a great product and then just remove it with no regard for the loyal customers who support it!! SMDH shame on you Yoo-Hoo!!!
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    denise gipson

    1 day ago State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Comments: Please bring back the coconut
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