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One of the most beloved teacher and faculty member has been fired today and we don’t know why. Coach Eileen Schwartz has been at Ma’ayanot High School for 16 years and she has done everything from organizing chesed trips to Williamsburg, flipping hamburgers at school barbeques, scheduling countless games, cheering us on, teaching health in a fun and open way and having hundreds of students over for Shabbos (more than any other faculty member combined.) Because of Coach’s magnetic, charismatic and fun personality she is a large part of the reason our school has good morale and school spirit. Students are constantly in her office talking to her about issues they are facing and Coach drops everything to attend to her students needs. We the students of Ma’ayanot will not rest until Coach has her job back. We are owed and deserve an explanation as to why Coach was terminated. If you think there was a campaign for Bring Norman Back, just wait until August 28th. Remember, whatever you post here is permanent.



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  • Anonymous I miss Coach so much.

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