NCSU Alumni & Friends Against the Sale of the Hofmann Forest

Dear Dean Watzin,

We have become aware of the impending sale of the Hofmann Forest. We petition you to stop this sale. The Hofmann Forest is a unique asset to the College of Natural Resources. Not only does it provide a steady stream of revenue from timber production but it also serves as an excellent teaching tool through countless research projects and class visits that are conducted on the forest.
The loss of the Hofmann Forest would be a huge loss to the University, the College of Natural Resources, and to the citizens of North Carolina. The benefits that the Hofmann Forest provides to the University and the College of Natural Resources cannot be quantified. The indirect economic benefits that the forest provides through research and better natural resource professionals are invaluable to the state of North Carolina.

We petition you to stop this sale now.


The University signed an agreement with Jerry Walker of Walker Ag Group out of Illinois. The agreement is for $150 million to be invested in the stock market. Please see the new blog post for the entire email sent by Dean Watzin.

Additionally, please take this time to consider donating to the Hofmann Forest Legal Fund to stop this sale in its tracks. Please contact Chancellor Woodson, Dean Watzin, and Linda Brickhouse immediately to voice your displeasure with the sale. Contact information can be found here:


We have filed suit in Wake County Superior Court against the Endowment Fund of the Board of Trustees of North Carolina State University to prevent the sale of the Hofmann Forest. Pursuing this case with legal counsel will be expensive, with an estimated cost of up to $25,000 or more at the first level of the trial court process. We are writing to ask for your contributions to this cause, which we all think is worthwhile. Clearly a court challenge is the only thing that is apt to stop this sale and allow for more time for deliberation. As plaintiffs, we are committed to stopping the sale, and have contributed and received more $12,000 so far to retain counsel.

The Hofmann State Forest is the largest and most important non-federal public forest lands property in North Carolina, and we think we can still protect it far better through conservation easements, leases, partial or complete retention, or other alternatives, which have not been examined seriously with any state agency or public input, as required by law for state lands. We do think we can do better than an outright sale if the lawsuit prevails.

All funds will go the Hofmann Forest Legal Fund. If there extra funds after the case, we will contribute the remaining balance to the Sam Hughes and Don and Jean Steensen scholarship funds in the Natural Resource Foundation at NCSU, in order to be sure that they fulfill the spirit of forestry education and professionalism exhibited by two of our former leaders.

You have two options to donate to the Hofmann Forest Legal Fund.

Option 1: Write a check payable to: "Wildlands Network", with "100% restricted for Hofmann Forest Legal Fund" in the memo line. Mail or hand-deliver them to Ron Sutherland at: 5801 Mountain Island Dr, Durham, NC 27713; his cell phone is (919) 641-0060. Email both Ron {} and Logan Roise {} the amount that you have donated, so we can keep an independent record of contributions for audit control.

Option 2: Donate Online: You can also donate online via this website, As with mailing in a physical check, please indicate that "100% be restricted for Hofmann Forest Legal Fund" in the dedication line and email both Ron {} and Logan Roise {} the amount that you have donated, so we can keep an independent record of contributions for audit control.

These donations to the Wildlands Network should be tax deductible like other environmental law nongovernment organizations, but we cannot offer final tax advice. We will provide receipts that people can use to claim tax deductions as appropriate. Thanks very much for your support.

Fred Cubbage, Ron Sutherland, Barny Bernard, and Jim Gregory


Logan Roise MS Candidate in Forestry NC State University Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



  • Hans-Christian Rohr I am against the sale of the Hofmann Forest. I studied forestry in Munich, Germany and I remember some of our professors telling us about the Hofmann Forest and what a great asset it is for the forestry students and faculty to have a learning and income facility like that. A forest like that can show to the public that forestry can be financially and ecologically sustainable. Selling the forest would show exactly the opposite. It would show the public that we can not manage forests sustainable and therefor that our profession is useless. This is not a picture a Dean of a College of Natural Resources should paint to make the college attractive.

  • Sven Willenberger It would be nice if, for once, we could treat natural resources as something besides another means to turn a quick buck.

  • Sue Doring This forest should not be sold to those who are only going to turn around and rape it for profits. That is a disservice to all NC residents. This forest needs to stay within the University system for continues use and research by our forestry students and others alike who need it for advanced studies.

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    Douglas Paprocki

    4 weeks ago Comments: As a former NC resident and a forest owner who understands the valuable ecological services/benefits that standing forests provide, I strongly request that the Hofmann Forest be preserved and protected for the future. Douglas Paprocki Purdue University
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    martin mccabe

    2 months ago Comments: This forest should not be sold. It should be kept for studying purposes. If anything we need more open space not less.
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    Carlo Frate

    5 months ago Comments: FOREST REPRIEVE? : Now that this SCAM has fallen through, we need to look into WHY. Perhaps SOME money-ed interests have a hidden agenda. The owners of this land, forest, [and hopefully the MINERAL RIGHTS] should get together with NCSU and other forestry schools within the state [and without ] should provide a 500 year plan for this legacy tract. This land should be held forever for the people; part of THE COMMONS. All hopes for commercial/extractive development must be quashed now while we have a chance.
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