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Nov 2013 UPDATE: There is a new company that is the edited movie STREAMING business! It's called VIDANGEL. Check them out here and lets show them some support!

This petition is for Netflix to know how interested we are in them teaming with ClearPlay to provide filtered instant video streaming. Conceptually, Netflix would provide a "family-friendly" streaming option to their existing video streaming using the filtering technology that ClearPlay provides for DVD-viewing today.

Netflix is known for listening to their customers. If you'd like to see Netflix team with ClearPlay, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION! Additionally, five minutes on the phone with them would go a long way. Along with signing this petition, will you call and speak to Netflix personally and just let them know you're interested in filtered streaming using ClearPlay? Their number is 1-866-716-0414.

Some background: ClearPlay is a company that provides wholesome entertainment options by creating filters that take out objectionable content from DVDs. It basically allows you to watch just about any Hollywood movie without all of the junk you don't want to watch.

As a long-time supporter of ClearPlay, I (with hopefully many of you!) am interested in helping ClearPlay be successful as technology continues to change. With the popularity of Netflix streaming, we thought it'd be ideal to begin with them--to let them know how interested we'd be in having them partner with ClearPlay to provide filtered streaming.

Thanks for your support!
(An 11-year ClearPlay Subscriber)



  • Charlotte Atkinson I have been searching for this for a long time. I would love for it to be available. Would use it a ton!!! I know many people who would as well. I would refer them to Netflix!!!

  • Ken M Netflix would be a much sought after product if it aloud Clearplay filtering. Hundreds of people are cautious of online streaming as there children can be exposed to so many things. Clearplay would give so many the piece of mind they need. Thanks

  • David vandegrift I've been using Clearplay filtering for DVDs now for several years. We are very happy with the technology and the service that Clearplay provides. We would love to be able to watch more movies on Netflix and a Clearplay filter service would be fantastic.

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