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We the residents of Jacksonville Fl are not pleased with the decision made to change formats of station 107.3 from Planet Radio to The Magic. We are requesting that you reconsider your decision to kill off this station. Planet Radio is a cornerstone to Jacksonville, it is more than just a station, it is a community of friends and family that has been effected with your over night decision to shut them down. We know ratings = money and the new and only competition was effecting Planets future, however the way in which shutting them down was cold, and we request that you honor the chance for them to defend themselves. Everyone likes something new but the general consensus is that Planet indeed is the leader of new rock, and is the only supporter of local bands! This new station does not support Jacksonville, it just steam boated the competition and now local vendors, musicians, and workers are being effected. Please take this petition of over 1500 and consider that we want our Planet Radio back, we strongly feel that this was a grave mistake and should strongly be reconsidered. We were told that one of the reasons behind this move was because Planet radio was not a good fit for Clear Channel because it was not family orientated.. With that being said why is 93.3 the beat still on the air with each song being loaded in sexual innuendos and so fourth? Like Planet Radio they are one of a kind here in Jacksonville if they were challenged would you kill them off the air too? Rock music is safe music its enjoyed through a much larger age range than rap music. You don't hear of people being assaulted for listening to rock in the news now do you? Please reconsider your judgment, you are not only taking away a loved radio station, you are hurting local music from growing, small businesses and promoters will be effected, and the community that Planet made here in Jacksonville will eventually vanish. Don't be afraid of competition embrace it… nothing new last forever eventually they will flicker off, most people in Jacksonville have learned that they are extremely repetitive and have no intentions of winning us over like Planet did. In closing, we the people of Jacksonville Fl are fighting back for our friends at Planet Radio, we wish that you take a moment and really analyze your decision once again, and reconsider placement if need be on another frequency. We just would like to be given a fighting chance, again it’s not just a radio station or a name we are defending. We are defending local music, local business, promoters, family and friends. Planet Radio is a community not a novelty. Thank you for your time.


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    Mary Speight, United States

    2 years ago Comments: So sad that yet another rock station is going. How are the people that enjoy this genre of music going to be able to do so when all that's out there are stations that play the same stuff..
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    charles fuquay, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    willow wright, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I want my planet!!
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