Ban Gayser and Shadowelite

Sign here if you support the banning of Gayser, Shadowelite, and any other moronic piece of shit that may stumble upon TGN in the future.


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    ElementZ, United States

    7 years ago Comments: sdajklgj. OMG BANZORZ!
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    ShadowElite, United States

    7 years ago Comments: just cuz u guys r jealous that me and kooljake r frends doesn't mean that u have to flame me. all u guys ever do is flame me, and im sick of it. just cuz im new and dont have any trades, and im also a dumb piece of shit doesnt mean u have to be mean. ill use this post to come out of the closet, cuz u all know it anyway. i am gay...with kooljake. we are buttbuddies.
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    Goofy, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Gwarsh TGN I have a story to tell ya. Today my cat Waffles dissapeared, hyuck! I looked everywhere in the house and he was nowhere to be found, so I headed out to look fer him in town. I was headed down main street here in good 'ol Spoonerville lookin' all 'round and callin' out his name, but he wasn't turnin' up, hyuck. The I got to thinkin' that he might be at the park, chasin' birds and whatnot so I walked down there. I started lookin' through the bushes when suddenly I saw my son Maxy with his friend PJ and his girly pal Roxanne; PJ looked real nervous. Maxy had a real funny look about him, and when he looked up at me and said "hey dad" I could tell he was as high as a kite. "Maxy do you know where Waffles is, gwarsh" I said in my sternest voice, "Yeah dad I sold him so I could buy PCP." I couldn't believe my darn ears! "I hope you saved some for 'ol Goofy." I said, "Sorry Mr. Goof, we smoked it all" Roxanne answered me. I was kinda' angry 'cause I hadn't gotten wet in...shucks how long now Musta been ten years hyuck! "Well you know what this means Maxy, means yer gunna get fucked, It's Goofy time." With that I whipped out my cock and fucked their assholes raw as sandpaper! Just another day with the Goof Troop! BABADUBAP BABADU-BOP, YEAH!
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