Allow numerical keypad access to Citywalk!

This is a petition to NOT get rid of numerical access codes at Citywalk. The Board of Directors is in the process of eliminating our numeric access codes to the front door and the elevator. I ask that you sign this in support of KEEPING the access codes active. Many of us have busy lifestyles and it’s not hard to imagine forgetting your keycard inside, while you’re outside or even in the lobby. Without access codes AND without your keycard, you’re stuck. Why eliminate this alternative entry method, when it serves as a useful backup for many of us There is concern that our codes are known to many who don’t live here. That is a valid concern, We’ve all had our same code for many years. I propose we get new numeric codes to start solving the problem. This is one solution to the problem, without eliminating it altogether. If we get locked out without our keycard and with no backup numeric code system, what are we to do We can wait for someone to let us in, but isn’t the purpose of our security to NOT let other people in. I know I don’t know everyone who lives in this building, so who I am to say who gets in and who doesn’t I’m not asking to overhaul our security system, I’m just hoping we can fix the numeric code problem, without eliminating it. Please sign this petition to KEEP numeric access codes. You can sign this paper or please go to -Jewels Burdick Unit 203


Jewels Burdick


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