Citizenship for Ibhar

We need your support to help keep Dr. Ibhar al Meid in the US. Ibhar is an extremely bright physician with a long list of accolades ranging from multiple publishing s in various renowned medical journals, his work at Emory Medical including tours at Grady Memorial the VA hospital, along with his research in Vitamin D deficiencies as it relates to hypertension and arterial plague. He came from humble beginnings in Jordan but with a good education and a little opportunity won the Middle Eastern version of “Who wants to be a millionaire”. He used his winnings to come to Atlanta where he attended Emory University School of Medicine and then continued his residency working in various hospitals around Atlanta. He currently works for several medical providers in hospitals and clinics around the city and bought his first home in Candler Park. He had applied for citizenship and produced an immense bank of accomplishments showing why he would be a good candidate to no avail. I need help to keep my doctor, and good friend in the US. He is an excellent example of someone falling through the immigration cracks. He is a highly productive individual that only wants to be a part of this great lifestyle most of us have come to take for granted. If a highly decorated physician with no criminal background and almost a decade in this country cannot get citizenship then who can? Please help me support a wonderful physician, great person, and one of my best friends in becoming a US Citizen. I have requested several meetings with Local and Federal representatives here In Georgia and plan to take this petition to them and show the support we have for this young man. Please give us your support and add your name to the list.


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    Jennifer King, United States

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    Holly Ehrhardt, United States

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    Tori Gilleland, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Ibhar has worked harder, achieved more, and contributed to our society in a way that the vast majority of natural born American citizens never will. This man has saved and enriched lives through medicine in Atlanta for years, and who knows what his knowledge and passion for cardiology will allow him to achieve. Not allowing this man to become a citizen is a significant disservice to not only Ibhar, but to ourselves as well. If a high-achieving cardiologist who has lived and served in the Atlanta community for several years, owns a home, pays his taxes, paid for school himself, is regularly published in medical journals, and in general is a wonderful person and friend, is not a valuable member of our society, and is not deemed worthy of citizenship, then there truely is no hope for any immigrant looking to become a citizen in America.
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