Oppose AB1634 spay and neuter bill in Ca

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am writing you this letter as a concerned citizen and as an animal rescuer. I do not support this bill in any way in the form in which it is written. I have rescued animals for 15 years now and I truly do not see how this bill can work. I think if this bill passes we will see even more animals getting surrendered to the shelters and to rescue groups as people will not want the right to choose taken from them, you will see more illness and more puppy mills or back yard breeders who do not get these animals proper medical care. I think what we need to work on is educating the public, getting the local vets to work with low cost spay and neuter clinics, giving the vets incentive for doing free spay and neuters a couple days per month. There are other solutions. Spaying and neutering at such a young age can cause long term health issues in some of these breeds. We also need to get the animals shelters to work more with rescue groups, as some of these animals could be released to rescues, free of charge so we can place the dogs our groups specialize in. In many ways our adoption policies are just as strict as those of the shelters if not more so. Most rescues require home visits, right to reclaim the pet if we feel the care is not being properly provided. WE spay and neuter everything before it leaves. There are many responsible, reputable breeders out there too who are working toward the best interest of the breed. If this bill passes we may see a day when breeds become something of the past. Don't get me wrong I am all for spaying and neutering. But the people who breed for the right reasons should not be punished for other peoples ignorance. What about the people who breed service dogs, or working dogs. Did you know that if they pass this law only 1% of registered dogs would be eligible to remain un-altered. That will not save our breeds, our service pets, our police and canine units. They are trying to say that only dogs who have certificates in show or other professional recognition can remain un-altered and then they want to charge an intact fee. This is absurd to me. I cannot stress enough that education is the key, and this bill is a joke. Most of the animal groups backing this bill are radical extremist. They burn building, protest business, what about the affect this will have on our economy The pet industry is huge, take away the pets, take away business. I don't see how anyone can really win this one if it passes. Thank you for your time.....a concerned citizen


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    Danielle, United States

    8 years ago Comments: All this is going to do is make lawbreakers out of normally law abiding citizens
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    Suzanne Redalia, United States

    8 years ago Comments: No on AB 1634
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    jim welch, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I am very opposed to ab1634. The government should not have control of personal rights - for people or animals .
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