CIPAY's Real Medications 4 Real Pain Sufferers

Why This Is Important Many strategies and options exist to treat chronic noncancer pain. Since chronic pain is not a single entity but may have myriad causes and perpetuating factors, these strategies and options vary from behavioral methods and rehabilitation approaches to the use of a number of different medications, including opioids. Pain is one of the most common reasons people consult a physician, yet it frequently is inadequately treated, leading to enormous social cost in the form of lost productivity, needless suffering, and excessive healthcare expenditures. Impediments to the use of opioids include concerns about addiction, respiratory depression and other side effects, tolerance, diversion, and fear of regulatory action. State law and policy about opioid use are currently undergoing revision. The trend is to adopt laws or guidelines that specifically recognize the use of opioids to treat intractable pain. These statements serve as indicators of increased public awareness of the sequelae of undertreated pain and help clarify that the use of opioids for the relief of chronic pain is a legitimate medical practice. Due to concerns about regulatory scrutiny, physicians need guidance as to what principles should generally be followed when prescribing opioids for chronic or recurrent pain states. Regulators have also expressed a need for guidelines to help them to distinguish legitimate medical practice from questionable practice and to allow them to appropriately concentrate investigative, educational, and disciplinary efforts, while not interfering with legitimate medical care.


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    Marla Renee Wilson, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I suffer from chronic pain 24/7. I have suffered my entire adult life and I'm tired of it now that I am 52. Chronic pain patients derve to be treated humanely.
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    Marla Renee Wilson, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I suffer from chronic pain 24/7. I was hit by a drunk driver when I was 17. I am now 52. My neck was broken, my pelvis was broken into 8 pieces, it caused swelling on my brain, cracked my left arm, cracked my jaw, caused internal organ damage, caused the loss of a lot of blood, broke my ribs, severly bruised most of my body, caused severe lesions over my left eye and other parts of my body. I died 3 times in the ER. I had to learn how to walk again, I eventually had to have a total hip replacement. I suffer with pain from these injuries daily. I want humane and legitimate treatment by doctors who are unafraid to practice their chosen profession. It's time we, as chronic pain patients are treated fairly.
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    Jillian Nathan, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I have lyme disease and have been on pain medication for about 6 months, but am still in pain daily. I ended up going to pain management and the doctor there pretty much rolled her eyes at me when she found out I was there for Lyme disease. She did not want to give me pain medicine and when she did lowered my dose from what i had been taking so now i live day to day in constant pain, unable to work, and somedays unable to care for my children. I'm not a drug seeker, I have a chronic condition that cause severe pain. I feel whenever I tell a doctor i'm in pain i get treated like i just want pain meds for fun and this isn't the case and it makes me feel horrible.
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