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The Chromehounds franchise was a unique software title that facilitated an unprecedented level of vehicle customization and team play for Xbox LIVE matching. Further, the lobby system, which allowed for a large team to meet and smaller squads to form and play in smaller units to avoid game lag, was one of the best lobby systems to date. It was an exceptional team game. Xbox gamers that participated in Chromehounds believe that the widespread adoption of this game among gaming clans and organizations, despite the title\'s release early in the Xbox 360\'s lifecycle, suggests that a new release of this title would generate considerable sales for the developers while providing the gaming community with a solid team title outside of the first-person shooter realm where most game development is centered. Anecdotally speaking, gamers either played this title heavily or were not early 360 adopters and missed the game\'s cycle but have heard good things about it. The title holds an excellent reputation for squad/team play. The following Xbox gamers hereby request that From Software and Sega International development Chromehounds 2 for the Xbox 360. (Note to signers: We recommend using your XBL gamertag)


Gamers for Independent and Mature Play (GIMP) created this petition on behalf of the Xbox gaming community at large. GIMP is an organization for mature gamers. We welcome members of clans, independent players and gamers that want to play competitively (members can join our competition club and access additional forums for squad formation and gaming strategy development). If you signed the petition and want to just stop by and say \"Hi,\" we\'d love to hear from you. We have an active forum of gamers with varied interests. If you want to just sign the petition, that\'s fine too. Thanks for adding your voice to the petition. Happy gaming!



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    Elijah U.

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    Zach Eckard

    1 week ago Comments: The first Chromehounds was great, but lacked a proper single player and needed polish. Making use of the new generation of consoles would allow for an overhaul of what made Chromehounds 1 so great, such as the hardcore element of the teamplay and the wonderful HOUND creation, while also giving the power required to improve the graphics (especially backgrounds) and physics. The market does exist for the game, but it requires a proper singleplayer element to hold players that aren't terribly interested in the coop. Using player-hosted servers more extensively could also remove some of the pressure to end server function. Chromehounds the first was and is a very special game to me, and nothing would please me, and others, more than to see a sequel make the game what it was meant to be. My gamertag is Codestriker, and I'm very proud of the medals I've earned.
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    Dylan H

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