Dont let Chris Evans ruin Captain America!

Captain America is an icon.

He is the greatest leader in comicdom. A man with such force of will, such charisma, such gravitas that gods leap to obey his commands. He is the heart and soul and the unquestioned general of the most powerful heros in the Marvel universe. This man is a stone cold badass in every way, and all without super powers!


so how do you cast the most pivotal character in comic history?


with no audition. thats right, they didnt even audition the douche that IS Captain America. and that douche is... Chris Evans. A man that made a living playing smarmy douchsters. I SAY NO AMERICA!!! WE DEMAND A NON-DOUCHY CAP!!! Make it happen folks.



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    Comic Fan, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Evans will not pull this off. He looks nothing like Cap nor does he have the characteristics to play Cap. Add to the fact he didn't even audition and then says that Cap probably wouldn't be the leader in The Avenger, screw that. This is like hiring Seth Rogen to play Green Hornet...what the hell are these people thinking.
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    Bob Hope, Australia

    5 years ago Comments: FUCK Chris Evans. He ruined F4.
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    Ian Cooke, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Chris Evans in no way shape or form resembles or embodies what it takes to be Cap. He didn't even AUDITION for the role! Cap is our hero! Not our teenage heartthrob.
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