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    Sean, United States

    8 years ago Comments: seriously how immature are you this petition is petitioning about how good of a bartender he is and all you can do is complain about some kind of psycho-crush or something u have going on...i dont have the time to waste reading your comments. and you can't even leave your name. im gonna hope that the reason you are so bitter is because you are underage and chris carded you and kicked you out because there can't possibly be someone over 21 that immature. however...thank you for helping to get our petition total up over 50...scumbag
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    kristen, United States

    8 years ago Comments: hey fuck you, you are acting like a woman .....a real man would have signed his name. maybe you are just hiding behind the facade of being a man. if you take the time to sign a petition and feel that your opinion matters, which everyone is entitled to, then you should be able to sign your name. this petition as mentioned before is to support chris, not to bash him. no matter what you write, your entry is still counted FOOL!!!!! and what kind of mature person would sign a petition and bash someone else grow up, identify yourself, and i'm sure now you will have something to say about me, go ahead bring it on, i welcome it. As for chris's job, if he wants it back, i hope he gets it back. he is a great bartender. with his good looks and great bartending skills he will be able to get a job somewhere else with no problem. jealousy is a terrible thing and by not signing your name it seems like you are exactly that, jealous. are you men jealous because chris gets the attention from the women Are you women jealous because you weren't one of the ones that he supposedly slept with and flagged or are you one of the "flagged" did you really think that if you throw yourself all over a man he will not respond or did you think that casual sex gives you the right to become obsessed if you were worth anything you would have been picked up earlier in the night when men were sober, not at 2:30 when everyone has realized that you are just a piece of ass get over it!
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    chris, United States

    8 years ago Comments: FUCK YOU seems very angry about something I looked back on Theresa's last comments and I see no guys names mentioned Understand, this is a petition to write something in my favor - mayb that is confusing to some people My friends are doing me a favor please dont offend them for that. Find something better to do with ur time then making fun of people trying to a good thing... and y not put ur name
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