Fathers Rights To Child Support.

I am a father of 2 girls.I was awarded custody of them in 1999. I was to recieve child support from there mother.There mother took me to court in 2002 for custody of the girls. I inturn countersued for back child support she was to pay me through Child Enforcement. The judge awarded me custody and dismissed the claim for back child support due to lack of proof. The back child support I feel is owed to me is in the sum of $10,000.00. Since that time I have talked to Child Enforcement and have gotten different stories on how they can or can\'t help. I have asked them to let the governors office see my case. I have written letters to newspapers, and circulated letters over the internet. I have written letters to lawyers who are willing to help, but for fees which I cannot afford. Now my daughters have decided to live with there mother. I have let them, and there mother had taken me back to court for custody. The judge ruled in her favor and orderd me to pay child support. I payed with no objection and then Child Enforcement stepped in and started garnishing my wages. They seem to have no problems assisting her in getting her support. Please sign my petition and let me get my justice which I believe I deserve along with every other father who is raising there child and not getting the help they need by the legal system.


A father upset with the Child Enforcement Agency.And fed up with the treatment of single fathers trying to collect child support from dead beat mothers!!!


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    lewis patterson, United States

    4 years ago State: Oklahoma
    Country: United States
    Comments: i think the system is horrible and the fathers somtimes get left out
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    david, United States

    5 years ago State: Pennsylvania
    Country: United States
    Comments: i also have custody of my children which their mother currently owes me over $9,000...domestic relations keeps giving me different stories,they are always on her side...even tho she owes me...i get a different song and dance each time i call...i was told even today that i can't talk to my caseworker ...whats up with that???as of last week they garnished her pay check to the whopping sum of $43.00 a week...that covers her monthly amount but not the $9,000 in back support.fathers who are owed back support from women seems to have a different set of rules.if it would be reversed i can almost say with the utmost certainty that i would be in jail and have no drivers license...why don't fathers have the same rights to collect unpaid child support that women do?
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    David gibbs, United States

    5 years ago State: -
    Country: Jamaica
    Comments: These authorities is just a bunch of un Godly Bitches ,slime and pile of small pieces of shit i pray after they leave that court house and step outside a stray bullet or a car a train or something loose control and run over there neck and they end up not dead but they end up to be a vegetable for the rest of their life and hope they live to see 200 years with nothing but pain , they are ready to mess up a father life and to give the mother what ever ...but is ok when they report these fuckers missing don`t think twice .....God will see you thru Bro
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