We Demand The DA Stop Making Deals with Violent People and People Who Offend the Rule of Law

The people of Coatesville cannot be safe while the Chester County District Attorney's Office makes deals with violent people and people who offend the rule of law.

When a kid is killed and we find out the man charged with killing him was given a deal that lowered original charges of Attempted Murder to Reclkess Endangerment, there is a problem, and it is at the DA's office.

A child is butchered and the mother of the man accused of the murder obstructs police she is given a deal.

A mother, high on pot, has her 6 year old child driving her car she is given probation despite an arrest for interfering with a police officer trying to arrest her son for which she got a whopping 90 days probation. This woman has some 50 charges on record in Chester County alone going back to arrests for not going to school.

The People of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania promulgated laws. These defedendants were duly and lawfully charged under these laws because they made choices to violate these laws. It is time for the DA to stop dismissing charges, lowering charges and giving repeat violent offenders breaks. Some of these people need to be taken off the streets for the serious crimes they've committed.


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    Andrea Madden, United States

    5 years ago Comments: In the meantime most first time offenders of misdemeanors are given the full sentence and made to pay extraordinary fines plus the ARD program if qualified.
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    Elizabeth B, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I hate using the bypass so I occasionaly drive through Coatesville. I lock my doors. I now live in Parkesburg, but as a child, lived in C'ville. Downtown shopping, movies on the weekends. Walking from one end of town to the other unaccosted. Not even considering that something could happen because it never did. Now stores boarded up. Iron gates on some. Very little shopping that I see. Adults crossing the road anywhere and everywhere with little kids in tow. Way too often, reading about the latest crime, murder, incident in c'ville. And then you have the people like Lakisha Hogue. She's certainly not the only one with this low life behavior. But she's certainly one of the people bringing c'ville down, down, down. Till she and others like her, are shown that they can not thumb their nose at police, etc. The decline will continue via her offspring.
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    Cora Farley, United States

    5 years ago Comments: These people have obviously not learned from past run-ins with the law. So how is giving them a deal to plead to lesser charges helping anything?
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