Should Charly be booted out too

Emily was kicked out of the big brother house for using a term that could have been deemed offensive to other people in the house, and the viewers. Charly also used the same word, and therefore could have caused the same offence. The colour of either girls skin is irrelevant here, the fact is they both used the term, so surely it should be one out, both out If not then surely this is being racist towards white people by saying they cannot say a word that a black person can!


I have started this petition as while I feel it was right that Emily was kicked out of the house for uising the racist, and demeaning word, I feel it is very unjust that Charly has not suffered the same punishment. You can\'t have one rule for white people and another for black, this is the exact same racism we are trying so hard to stamp out! I hope that everyone will see the sense it what I am saying, and we can all come together as a united front and show others we will not tolerate racism and discrimination in any shape or form!


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    John Peeling, United Kingdom

    8 years ago
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    Amy, Pakistan

    8 years ago Comments: yea...this is totally wrong.. though m white too..but tht duznt mean tht i shud follow the stupid rule of wrong doers..
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    Sarah williams, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Charley should be kicked out for numerous reasons, primarily that she is a vile person who has no respect for others
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