Free Charles Bronson

charles bronson aka michael peterson is 55 years old, and has been in jail since he was nineteen, excluding 2 brief spells outside. A sentence this long nowadays would only be reserved for mass murderers, or serial killers, however having never killed a man bronson is neither of these, having being locked up for armed robbery in which not a single shot was fired. His sentence has been continuously extended due to a series of scraps and hostage takings with involving fellow cons and police officers. However these extreme actions are somewhat understandable when you consider what this man has had to suffer whilst behind bars, he has moved from prison to prison more than any other prisoner ever, he has spent his time in solitary confinement with rats for company, he has been refused rights that other prisoners take for granted, he has been framed for rape, assault and robery and has also been literally stabbed in the back whilst in jail. His hard man reputation may alarm some, however here is a man who has intelligence, humour and vast amounts of knowledge and skills which would be a great benefit to any society. Despite this he has beenleft to rot and his talents go to waste, whilst paedophilles and rapists are back on the streets within years of being convicted, and what do they offer society Free Charlie Bronson one of the world's most misunderstood people.


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    Lauren-Lorraine Forrest, United Kingdom

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    Rebecca AIsbett, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: Its about time he was set free he has served his time for his crime about time he was allowed to live the rest of his life in peace
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