This petiton is from millions and millions of twilight fans all over the world who wont allow any character from the twilight movies to be replaced... We wish to see the same people play the same characters through out the four movies... so please make sure that "ROBERT PATTISON" plays "EDWARD CULLEN" through out the four movies and is not replaced because other then twilight and its incredible story millions and millons of fans watch the twilight movie only because of robert pattison and we can not tolerate him being replaced ,in our eyes he is the only one that can ever play "EDWARDS" character and who is worthy enough so please please please dont replace him and make sure he plays "edward" for all four movies which are twilight (which has already been made)new moon,eclipse,and breaking dawn...we already know that robert pattison is signed for new moon and eclipse ...but he is not signed for breaking dawn...please make sure robert pattison is in breaking dawn...and god forbid if hes not NO ONE WILL WATCH IT... please make sure KRISTEN STEWART plas bella through out the four movies ...because in our eyes she is the only one that can play bella and it is the same for all the other character Jacob Cullen played by Taylor Rosalie Cullenplayed buy Nikki Reed Alice Cullen played by Ashley Green Esme Cullen played by Elizebeth Reaser Carlisle Cullen played by Peter Facinelle please make sure all the characters are played by the same people through out the four films please please because if you dont it will crush the hearts of millions and millions of twilight fans and the movies will not be worth watching because it wouldnt feel the same so please DO NOT REPLACE ANY OF THE CHARACTERS PLEASE PLEASE...PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SAME CHARACTERS ARE PLAYED BY THE SAME PEOPLE IN ALL THE TWILIGHT MOVIES MEANING NEW MOON ,ECLIPSE ,AND BREAKING DAWN


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