Citizens Supporting Celebrity Pundits!

While some feel celebrities should not use their fame to express opinions on social and political issues, those who sign this petition feel otherwise. We find it refreshing when actors talk about something other than their latest series or movie. We realize that some stars know nothing about the political causes they weigh in on while others are actually eloquent speakers who express informed and intelligent opinions. We would like to continue having the freedom to hear all celebrity opinions, even the stupid ones. If celebrities cannot express their opinions openly, we lose this important right (and Leno and Letterman would lose valuable monolog material). The current situation with Iraq has caused many celebrities to take public stands for and against a war. One group of \"ordinary citizens\" has decided that those speaking out against the war are \"anti-Bush\" and \"un-American\" and as such should be silenced. They have gone so far as to launch a petition against these celebrities. Because one silly action sometimes deserves another, this opposing petition is being launched and will be sent to the same outlets that receive the original document. It exists because, as ridiculous as this whole debate about celebrity opinions is, the right of individual Americans to freely express their opinion, disagree with their elected officials and stand against the status quo is a right we hold very dear. Celebrity or average Joe, everyone has a say and no one should be branded \"unpatriotic\" or \"anti-American\" because they do not agree with a war or some other decision made by this or any future President. This petition supports the right of ALL Americans to gather knowledge from a variety of sources, think for themselves and formulate intelligent individual opinions. It stands as opposition against those who would shout down, silence or berate others who simply do not agree with them. While some feel expressing an opinion that runs counter to the majority is dangerous, we feel that a lack of opinion and public discourse represents the real threat to the American way. Agree with the war or disagree with it. That is your option as an American, regardless of your celebrity status (or lack thereof). We\'d rather \"agree to disagree\" than use name-calling and jingoism as tactics in public debate.


This petition is sponsored by Ron Hebshie, a private citizen who works very hard, pays his taxes and votes in every election. Ron is not yet a celebrity but he does live in Los Angeles where many of them reside. Ron is also very opinionated and, should he ever become famous, would like to retain the right to speak his mind. He can be reached at


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