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The Honourable Attorney General Mr P. Ruddock, The below signatories have committed to appeal for changes to the child support system. These changes are primarily focused at altering the methods used for calculating child support. The current method unfairly prejudices against the payer by removing any opporunity of making a decent life for themselves and their children, after relationship breakdown, by forcing payments that in most cases forces them to survive on next to no income. The objection process and financial hardship rules need an overhaul also to at least take into consideration ALL financial aspects and not fob off some expenses as ordinary. These changes would be greaty appreciated by all paying parents and with luck may even have the positive effect of encouraging ALL paying parents of taking up their responsibilities to provide for their children and not avoid those responsibilities by hiding away.


  • Beck Hewat Current system is severely flawed with too many loop holes for parents wanting unfair financial gain from the non-custodial parents who are dying to be in their childrens lives but are shut out unjustifiably AND it allows other non-custodial parents to avoid their responsibility by not chasing up claims about cash in hand work or investigating complaints properly. NONE of this is in the children's best interests which Child Support is MEANT to be for.

  • Mark Simple... It's destroying families, fathers and mothers...

  • Jamie Atkinson Ok sweet good job,

    Here's some issues I've written out haven't finished yet as there is so many flaws.
    1)Basics card, an equal amount of child support payment from both parties goes on to the card so that money that’s ment for the child gets spent on the child both parties agree to what the card is used for eg, clothes, food for child, toys, etc.
    2) Both parents contribute equally to the cost of raising the child, halve it straight down the middle, so all children cost the same (how does my children cost more to raise then my neighbours just because I have a better paying job?), also if one parent is on a pension or has a lower paying job but has 50% or less care the parent the higher earner still has to pay child support to the parent with same or less care.
    3) If for example I’m on 40 grand a year after my wife and I separate I study really hard and get a better paying job let’s say 100 grand a year why should child support be calculated on the 100 grand when I studied, got a hex debt or student loan etc to better myself after separation, child support should be calculated off the 40 grand while I was with her(unless you were unemployed before separation)
    4) Currently payers can do extra work overtime, a 2nd job or just anything that you wouldn’t normally do, that extra income is exempt from child support for 3 years to help you get ahead in life after separation, BUT……… only if you were living together for 6 months or more, so if your girlfriend that you’re not living with or a one night stand gets pregnant and you can’t apply for a post separation income exemption, so any extra work you do like overtime or a 2nd job you can’t get that extra income excluded from child support because you weren’t living together for 6 months or more.
    5) If matters are going through family court child support should be withheld for a period of time to try to encourage a fast and timely resolution (stop parental alienation for financial gain),who can afford child support & court costs.
    6) DNA tests should be mandatory with all child support claims.
    7) Each case should be individually assessed, to take in to account proven debt that’s in your name from your relationship breakdown, solicitor & court cost, CSA doesn’t take that into account at the moment.
    8) Capacity to earn has to stop, for example I have a good paying job in a mining town, wife leaves and takes the kids moves down the coast so I quit my job and follow, I can’t find a job in that dead end town that pays the same as I had in the mining town, CSA can take me for a capacity to earn so they still charge me the same but I’m unemployed or I’m earning half as much all because I followed my kids so I can have a relationship with them.
    9) If you have a debt with child support they can take your car and sell it, how can you get to work or look for work with no car?

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