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The Challenge: We, customers and companies alike, need to trust the people with whom we do business. Customers expect honest, straightforward interactions where their voices are hard. Companies work to inspire brand loyalty and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand their customers better. It is evident that we all have a crucial stake -- and responsibility -- in transforming the adversarial tone that all too often dominates the customer experience. A Call for Shared Responsibility: Along with open, authentic communication comes the mutual responsibility to make it work. As each of us is both a customer and an employee, we share in the rewards and challenges of candor. By adopting these five practical measures, we can together realize a fundamental shift in our business relationships: Companies: 1. Be human. Use a respectful, conversational voice, avoid scripts and never use corporate doublespeak. 2. Encourage employees to use their real names and use a personal touch. 3. Anticipate that problems will occur, and set clear, public expectations in advance for how you will address (and redress) issues. 4. Cultivate a public dialogue with customers so they feel they are being heard and to demonstrate your accountability. 5. Demonstrate your good intentions by speaking plainly, earnestly, and candidly with customers about problems that arise. Customers: 1. Be understanding. Show the respect and kindness to company reps that you\'d like shown to you. 2. Use your real identity, and foster your long-term reputation with the company. 3. Recognize that problems will occur, and give companies the information and time required to competently address issues. 4. Share issues directly with the company, or through a forum in which the company has an opportunity to respond, so it can work with you to solve problems. 5. Give companies the benefit of the doubt, and be open to what they have to say. Our Pact: By working together in these ways, people build long-term relationships that lead to trust, strong communities, and sustainable businesses. We, as companies and customers, support this call for change.


At this year\'s \'Customer Service is the New Marketing\' Summit, Get Satisfaction launched an open source document called The Company-Customer Pact. Our intent was to help companies and customers communicate effectively, honestly, and transparently. The Pact provides a way for companies and customers alike to opt into a set of shared values while sharing responsibility with each other. Having your voice included would be terrific! The Company-Customer Pact has also been posted on a public wiki at Public comments can be voiced right on the wiki pages.


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    Comments: I applaud this petition! In years gone by 'the customer is always right' was the business gold standard. Now we're treated as little more than fruit to be harvested any way the business sees fit. They see only dollar signs today where they once saw people. To the author of this petition: Thank you.
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