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We the undersigned shareholders of, or listeners to, CBC Radio II demand that the current programming overhaul and proposed Sept. 1 reduction of classical music programming to residue status cease immediately. We move that the current crop of CBC Radio II programming executives be exiled to Frobisher Bay, given a 25 watt transmitter, a stack of Britney Spears and Rap CDs, a dictionary of four letter words, and a new programming mandate to create \"Radio 4\"- tentative working title \"Pop Pap Unlimited\". While, in Frobisher Bay, the executive will be forced to listen to the caterwauling obscenity of North American radio and allowed to further foul the nest of music with their own contribution. We are nurtured at the living streams of Canadian thought. CBC Radio II is central to the expression of that thought in our lives, and indeed central to our concept of what a Canadian is and can be. We believe that we can treat our fellow citizens fairly. We believe that we have the intelligence to enjoy the world\'s finest music, nestled amidst lively, intelligent commentary. We protest the further erosion of classical \"shareholder value\" in a bid to mimic mindless North American pop radio. The wholesale elimination of Canadian and Canadian classical music ranks in single minded folly with the destruction of the Avro Arrow, jetliner, and our aircraft industry in the 50\'s. Dream breakers, Ladies and Gentlemen of the executive, pack your bags!


Brent Straughan, composer


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    Jeanette Slupsky, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't eliminate Tom Allen's morning show. PULEEEEEEZE!! J. Slupsky
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