Build a Catholic High School in Rutherford County

We, the undersigned, do hereby respectfully request the Most Reverend, David R. Choby, Bishop of the Nashville Diocese, to approve plans for the construction of a Catholic High School in the Rutherford County area. The necessity for a Catholic high school located south of Nashville has been an ongoing need for several years. With the increased population and growth in Rutherford County alone, as reported by national publications and the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce, the need continues to grow in intensity. The steady increase of family enrollment in the Rutherford and Coffee County parishes further justifies the need for a Catholic high school. For as Pope John Paul II said, "The future starts today...not tomorrow." Although there are several good public high schools available in Rutherford County, those families who wish to see their children educated in a Catholic setting have been relegated to send their children to Father Ryan High School in Nashville, thereby placing stress on the family. This effort requires that children must commute by car both morning and afternoon, traveling one hour each way. In addition, families are asked to drive their children to activities and events that require them to travel an hour each way to meet the school's expectations, as well as allow for socilization. These efforts take away significant quality family time, which is already being stressed in our fast-paced society. While families are trying to meet the needs of their older children, younger children are being neglected. A high school located in Rutherford County would allow families to have their children educated in a Catholic setting closer to home, thereby reinforcing the Christ-centered family environment that the Catholic Church advocates. In fact, Pope John Paul II reminded us often that in today's society "the nuclear family has lost its identity and function." Additionally, we simply wish to build the integrity of the Christian family through this effort. Jesus tells us, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, received; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks the door will be opened.� [Matthew 7: 7-8] Please, we prayerfully ask, open the doors to a Catholic high school located in Rutherford County. This decision would afford more students the opportunity to receive a Catholic education closer to home. We pray that God blesses our efforts here and our children�s future. NOTE: You do NOT have to donate money to sign this petition. If you get a page asking for payment, simply ignore. Your signature will be recorded. Simply go back to petition and click "signatures" to see your name.


ST. JOSEPH'S COALITION Concerned Catholic parents who desire a quality Catholic education for their children...closer to home. St. Joseph, patron saint of families, please pray for us. UPDATE: (10.24.08)God bless all of you who have signed this petition. Please let other parishes know that this petition exists. A grassroots effort is the best way to build this campaign.****As many of you know the bus that was once offered by Father Ryan is no longer being offered. Children are being asked to drive to school each day. Although we believe that Father Ryan is an excellent Catholic School, our mission here is to build a school closer to home so that students can socialize with friends that they make that also live close to home. The travel to and from Nashville for those attending Father Ryan has been stressful. In addition, families are opting for local public schools or Webb Academy solely because there is not a CATHOLIC option. They recognize that quality family time is equally important. Keep this going....the Holy Spirit is building this effort slowly and surely. If you know of anyone who is also championing an effort for a school, please ask them to join our effort. Thank you. UPDATE: (6.01.08): This petition and the efforts to seek support from the Nashville Diocese for a Catholic High School in Rutherford County was created by P.D. Yoko [], parishioner at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Murfreesboro in conjunction with a handful of parents who felt led by the Holy Spirit to provide a Catholic upper grade education for their children�closer to home. At the same time this effort began, Ms. Yoko was establishing and building the Life Teen Youth Ministry at St. Rose Church, and therefore, unable to donate as much of her time on this effort. However, you should know that Ms. Yoko has faced a few brick walls in this effort. Attempts to get other parishes involved have been met with pessimism and silence. Requests to place announcements in bulletins about this effort have been ignored. Ms. Yoko has been advised by various credible sources that a Catholic High School is not justified when there are two schools in Nashville that have not reached maximum capacity. Mr. and Mrs. Yoko were advised by Bishop Choby personally that he would not be building another Catholic high school in his tenure. However, these events have not deterred Ms. Yoko. If you are genuinely interested in building the momentum for this movement, we need your involvement. We can�t do it alone. WE NEED 2,000 SIGNATURES�.or more! If you are interested in lending a strong voice in getting the word out to other parishes and families in furthering the effort for this petition, please feel free to contact us at Please identity specifically what you are willing to do. For example, if you have family at other parishes, ask them to spread the word for this petition and effort. If you have a good rapport with the Diocese, step forward and offer to accompany the coalition in a meeting with the Bishop when this petition has reached its goal and is ready to present. If you are an excellent statistician and researcher and love putting together facts and figures in justifying action, please step up to the plate. Above all, pray. Pray fervently that this effort will bear fruit and multiply. Our children deserve nothing less.




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