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The Caste System is a judgemental system used in India, and was very unfair. According to the Caste System, you were born into a group; Untouchables, Sudra, Vaishya, Kshatryia, Bhramin, or Gods.

 The Untouchables were the lowest group and was not physically on the system. They did the dirtiest jobs such as being a street sweeper or latrine cleaner.

 Sudra was the lowest group accually on the system, and usually included servants, commoners, and peasants.

The Vaishya were the middle group. They were landowners and merchants.

The Kshatryia were the warriors and kings, and were the most powerful living beings on the Caste System.

The Gods were the highest, and were not living. They were worshipped and very important.

The only problem with this well-thought-out system, is that you were placed in a group at birth, based on your parents group, and you couldn't move up or down. We feel that the Caste System should be changed, so people can atleast move up or down in ranks, and should be based on skill and respect from fellow people, not how "important" your job or family is.


Krissy V. Maddie S. Claire M. Allie B. Conor H. Bryce S.




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