Stop CASA\'s power and their lies in court

We the undersigned feel CASA has entirely to much power. The CASA twist and openly lie in the court of law. The CASA gets a very open ended court order signed by a judge giving them power to invade the privacy of the families they serve. CASA\'s ultimate goal is termination of parental rights and adoption they are not a voice for a child. We feel families need to be preserved and in-home services should be in place for a time period. We the undersigned also feel the CASA program should be abolished due to the above.

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Subscribe to FAMILIES_UNITED \"Hello, We would like to welcome you to our group. Here we will expose the lies. CASA\'s main goal of thinking is by the time they get these cases they are so far gone that they recommend termination of parental rights &; adoption. CPS biggest thing is false allegations. Are you one of the families that have had your child/children taken Have you done everything you were supposed to do but kept going only to be told that you can\'t have your children back It happened to me. I\'m willing to try to help anyone that is not a child abuser knowingly. I do not condone abuse or neglect. You can fight this ripping apart the family. You have to cooperate though or you will never see your children. It\'s like all the rest. False allegations. CPS &; CASA plays many tricks and you have to keep up with their destruction. Here you will find support &; be able to vent. Post messages, join a chat, see photos, check out favorite links.\" Powered by


  • Brian Kane A casa reporter commended me on two visits he observed me interaction and love I have for my children, He then came into my home with a smile and came off friendly and easy going. He then wrote his report that I assumed was handed to the judge handling our file. His report was full of filth and lies about me and my children's mom. The CASA'S reporter suggested a change of course for DCF from reunification to ADDOPTION after only three months since the removal of my children. I have been a licensed private detective in 5 states for manly years and have been a responsible citizen and father. YES I have make a few bad decisions in my life and I am doing all that is required of myself and MORE to better my self as a person and a father. I am outraged at the lies and I called the casa worker and told him that he has to answer to our almighty at the end of the day. I am scared o death of the impact that this report may have on my future and want to sue this agency for slander or defamation of character. Please let me know what I can do to help. They may not all be bad and some may have the right intentions, however they have destroyed me and being away from my children is physically killing me. You have my support anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated thank you Brian.

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