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The differential between USA and Canadain prices for the same product has historically existed due the the difference in the value of the respective currencies. That difference no longer exists. The price difference is however still there, Canada being obviously considered as a region where consumers can be profitted from unfairly. Car prices is where this is most notable; since these are higher ticket items anyways the 20% - 30% price differential equates to dollar amounts that are in the tens of thousands. There is no reason for this, and I encourage Canadians to sign this petition to force the car industry into car price parity across the 49th parallel.


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    Don Kwasny, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: I will not buy an overpriced new car in Canada. The new car delivery charges in Canada are a joke . We bailed out many of the domestic manufacturers but they still gouge us .Vehicle made in Canada but costs thousands more than in Hawaii ,get real .
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    ijlmfdiq, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: cyUiUb , pmfebosoaniz, xskrwcdttgqq,
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    Arequipa, Australia

    3 years ago Comments: I love what's happening arnuod the country. The Occupy movement, and now this new initiative. People have finally realized that pols are only interested in themselves, their coffers, and hanging onto power, and rising up. I love it! It makes me feel young again!
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