Automotive lighting revocation of restrictions

For car enthusiasts, modifying your car is a tremendous joy. I happen to be one of these enthusiasts. It has come to my attention that driving with a lot of certain kinds and styles of lighting, is illegal in most cases. Though I am a supporter of all law enforcment branches and emergency service providers, some of these laws almost have no reason for them having to be made in the first place. Although I have spoken to 3 seperate officers of the CHP prior to making this petition, all of which said it was illegal to have those lights period, none could cite me a specific violation of the vehicle code (one even quoted me the wrong chapter it was in). I could be wrong that there is nothing that specifically makes mention or reference to it (and if I am, I would appreciate anyone letting me know). Signing this petition is saying that you wish to: Be able to add any under car lighting (that does not project in any direction other than down), That is any color, and is able to be in operation while in all modes of operation with the vehicle. I thank you for time and hope you help in changing the law of our community. Please only sign if a resident in the state of California only (otherwise your signature is void).


This is as of right now a petition only sponsored by me. Groups are welcome to help.


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    Derek Jenkins, United States

    6 years ago State: CA
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    Patrick Calderaz, United States

    7 years ago State: CA
    Country: US
    Comments: I dont know when this petition was made, so hopefully i can still help. Yes i agree there needs to be SOME Restrictions at least lifted on exterior lighting.
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    Matthew Edwards, United States

    7 years ago State: CA
    Country: US
    Comments: WOW!! This Joel guy seems popular. hey Joel what kind of ride do you have he i think we should concentrate on what the petition is for. these conversations are great but to get right down to it, i think it is unfair to judge anyone on what they do to there vehicle. how can we give our vehicles there own look or personality "per say" if everything we do is illegal. its our money, our cars. thats like saying you own your house but you cant paint the interior walls....come on why do we have to obide by such petty rules. i am a successful male with a nice family, stable balh blah blah...but i still like to show off my car..
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