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We all know that Chloe Sullivan on Smallville.Is a great character,and makes us go \"lana who \". The writers originally tried to kill Chloe off in the Season 3 finale. But she was \"saved\" by us the fans because we love her so much. Now this season they are trying to say that Chloe will go crazy in the future,just because her biological mother is in an Asylum. Clark said \"Chloe,if it\'s one thing I know about parents.It\'s that your not destined to follow in their footsteps.\" The writer are clearly doing this for two reasons. 1. They are obsessed with lana lang. Which to be honest is the most hated character on the show. 2. Chloe was a made up character so they figure.Since she wasn\'t originally in the comics.That they must have something bad happen to here. This petition is to show the Smallville Writers how WRONG they are. They shouldn\'t do this to such a beloved,and respected character.Chloe Sullivan can be made into a Superman Canon but we have to act NOW! Spread the word about this petition with enough signatures we can show the writers we won\'t be ignored.


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    Maria Rodrig, United States

    5 years ago State: California
    Country: United States
    Comments: If Chloe is killed off the show won't last, she is refreshing and her relationship with clark is interesting.
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    Thomas Del Rio, Puerto Rico

    7 years ago Country: PR
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    Netra Raleigh, United States

    7 years ago Country: US
    Comments: I LOVE Chloe's character, she is the real heart of the show, if she goes the heart of the show goes with her, and my viewership as well
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