Cancel Maggie Walker Exams!

Because of the scheduling difficulties presented by the snow day, Maggie Walker students and parents are concerned with the students ability to take exams. Both Colonial Heights and Henrico have cancelled exams, and therefore Maggie Walker should follow suit.


  • Anonymous . you people cannot be serious. Let me ask you this: How much time do you waste each day? Legit. How much time are you on facebook, watching cat videos, playing video games, stalling by any means? Missing essential review time? What have you been doing the past week off for a meager 2 inches of snow? Lack of instruction time for APs? Your AP teachers could assign more reading to do at home, and you could be more productive. Not all learning is supposed to come from teachers talking at you.

  • Brandon Shaw Scheduling all 8 exams for next week would not be fair for the students of Maggie Walker. First, students have missed important review time due to the recent closings along with new material, which is going to be on exams. Also, language classes will now be forced to drop or reschedule the speaking portions of their exams, which were supposed to be taken this past week. This rescheduling would also take away important AP class time for students. These classes are on a very strict schedule and this reschudling would put AP teachers under a lot of stress due to their rush to recover from the missed instructional time. Further, many students were not expecting the school to be closed for most of this week and have left study materials at school in their lockers. This will become an even bigger issue if school is also closed on Friday. Many clubs and extracurricular activities like Robotics, Model UN, Basketball, swimming, along with others are going to be harshly affected by this exam rescheduling. Canceling exams would put an unfair burden on not only students, but also faculty to recover from the sudden rescheduling. Other nearby counties have already made the decision to cancel exams altogether, and Maggie Walker should follow suit in the best interest of both the student body and the faculty.

  • John Ruml Jesus, this generation of Maggie Walker students are lazy. Stop whining. Man up. Take your damn exams. IF ANY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS ARE READING THIS: PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL EXAMS!!

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