To prospective buyers of NCFC

We,as supporters of Norwich City Football Club, recognise our club's great history,and take pride in its reputation and facilities. We wish to see our club move forward,and recognise the level of financial commitment involved on the part of a new owner for that to be achieved. In recent seasons,despite poor results and some disappointing performances, the ground has regularly been at, or very near full capacity.In short,we are not fair weather supporters. We would like to welcome new owners who share our ambition and desire to see Norwich City back in the upper echelons of English football, and we are fully prepared to back this by accepting higher ticket prices in return for a better team on the pitch.


Supporters and members of Norwich City Football Club



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    Afafee, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Lisa - My brother (Morehouse) and stseir (Howard) both attended HBCUs. The schools provided them with knowledge and a good start on their respective career choices. I respect HBCUs for their longevity and for the place that they hold in our community. The decision to attend is an individual one. I think it is safe to say that very successful Black people graduated from HBCUs. I've seen your recent posts on dominance strategy as it relates to Black women and Black men. I hadn't thought of it in terms of HBCUs also.In any case, my role is to try to share some of OURstoy (versus HIStory) whenever possible. I appreciate your comment. I hope other villagers will join the flow as well...
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    Dmitry, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Hello there,I didn't attend an HBCU and I would never have attedned one... yes...I know that there are folks out there who think I am "hatin'" on HBCUs but I am not.I don't think that being in an all-black construct prepares black students to compete mentally and academically with whites. At my blog, I have written TWO posts about dominance strategy... plenty of black women who have never left the all-black construct had NEVER been exposed to dominance theory. They were floored when I mentioned that I was introduced to it in all-white an elementary schooler! I am sure there are advantages to being at an HBCU but there are also disadvantages...the world out there is not all black...the norms among blacks WILL NOT be the norms among non-blacks. Black students need to prepare for the norms of the professional world that differ from the norms in all-black settings.Well....I'm climbing down from my soap box now....Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!Lisa
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    2 years ago Comments: It probably would not hurt to prdoive instruction to young people about money and markets, particularly the history and other critical aspects. However, I would not be optimistic that some brief abstract instruction would prdoive much of a counter to the overwhelming and ubiquitous self-serving propaganda of the financial/investment industry. Not to sound too fatalistic, but I think every other generation has to learn things the hard way especially given the seemingly forgetful, complacent, and indulgent tendencies of human nature. As for your remark that “if people are educated about practical things they may not vote left as often”, there is some truth to that. People who are relatively less sophisticated or overly “practical things” oriented tend be susceptible to influence or manipulation by vested interests, particularly deep pocketed media savvy non-leftist ones. Conversely, relatively enlightened, open minded, curious, critical thinkers, usually tend to have progressive sympathies. This generalizes somewhat but seems to be a universal phenomenon, just examine for instance the people in the vanguard of the current struggle for inclusive political reform in places like Egypt. Etc.
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