Rogers to Supply the Android 1.6 Update

Since October 1st, 2009, HTC released the 1.6 update for the Android operating system on most of their products. However Rogers is a step behind and is not releasing the update to their customers. Both their technical support and customer service really have no idea when, where or even if the update will ever be released. I've started this petition for existing (and possibly new) Android users to be able to voice their concerns. Rogers sold us all a product and should provide support and any and all updates provided by the manufacturer, despite the fact that they may deem the product old and or obsolete. By signing this petition I hear by request that Rogers Canada provide any and all current updates to their Android phones.


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    zpnxgb, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: JFJsn2 fhydtafnenfz, kkuwemdgffqc, bicajoldefty,
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    ivan rischmiller, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: I must say, I am very dissapointed, frustrated and angry that Rogers does not provide better and regular updates for their Android Phones. The entire attraction for Android Phones is that the operating system is undergoing constant change and improvement by google and the public. By not providing regular updates to phones that can support updates Rogers once again proves to it's customers that it is just another lousy wireless provider out for money and nothing else.
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    Dave, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: My wife's contract is up in 4 Months and I will sign her up with a different carrier all because of this update fiasco.
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