Bring Back the Death Penalty in Canada!

With the rise of violent crime in Canada something needs to be done to ensure these hyper-violent criminals are not released to repeat their crimes. The death penalty is a very effective and permanent deterrent. With our current justice system criminals like Paul Bernardo can be parolled. Karla Homolka will be free as early as next year. This petition will be forwarded to Prime Minister Paul Martin on July 1, 2005 for his action. It is up to concerned, law abiding Canadian citizens to see that he gets the message; we will not tolerate violent crimes with little or no punishment.


Patrick Difford


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    Charles Helkenberg

    6 months ago Comments: I strongly support bringing this policy back.
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    Country: Canada
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    krystyna cavallo, United States

    2 years ago Comments: THESE ARE NOT HUMAN BEING-they just happen to lookhuman. THESE CREATURES SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE LIVING.
    State: Missouri
    Country: United States
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    Vivian Li, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: Fair is fair: the death penalty would mean true justice dealt to criminals convicted of homicide. The issue of whether it serves as a deterrent is entirely irrelevant; it is simply retributive justice in which the punishment is proportional to the crime(s). Additionally, the usual alternative of "life sentence without parole" isn't nearly sufficient, seeing as "life" sentences can be demoted to one with parole, and have their sentence terms shortened. The financial costs to taxpayers of having to sustain these criminals in prison aside, a shortened sentence will mean that the homicidal maniac in question will be freed, posing a threat to society once again (and indeed, it is a serious threat, as convicted murderers, upon being freed, usually continue their homicidal sprees). So for the love of cake, out of 1) societal safety, 2) retributive justice, and 3) financial cost to taxpayers of sustaining someone as unworthy as a murderer in prison, PLEASE reinstate the death penalty in Canada!
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    Country: Canada
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