CAMP - Citizens against Adult Material & Paraphernalia

______________ INTRODUCTION Help to put tighter restrictions on adult entertainment advertisements on the Las Vegas Strip, specifically on handouts with sexually explicit photos. For years, locals and tourists alike have been subject to pamphlets and handouts from people working to advertise adult entertainment. Even if you do not accept a handout from these people, you are still subjected to materials that have fallen on the ground or that have been posted in a visible and highly unavoidable place. _____________ PSYCHOLOGY Walking on the street, you can see those flyers on the ground with very sexually explicit pictures in them. Such materials are so prolific that they find themselves in less expected places. For example, recently my husband and I were entering an elevator at one of the casinos. (We were going to see a movie.) On the ground was a flyer with a very clear picture of a woman with her legs spread apart. You could see everything - whether you wanted to or not. We


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    Melissa Deneen, United States

    8 years ago State: MI
    Comments: I think that any woman who works as a stripper/prostitute/"adult entertainer" lack morals, values, dignity, and self-respect. They should be very ashamed of themselves. The men who go to these said strip clubs/gentleman clubs should be ashamed of themselves as well. I highly despise all strippers and the male chauvinist pigs who go to see them. I believe that all such disgusting, filthy establishments as strip clubs should be eliminated completely. I certainly don't want that scum around anywhere, ever!
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    Cristy King, United States

    8 years ago State: AZ
    Comments: I'm entirely fed up with walking to my car after class and finding yet another flyer on my car with a nearly naked woman dancing on a pole advertising the local strip club. If I wanted to attend a strip club, I would. I don't need flyers on my car.
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    Rebecca McClure, United States

    8 years ago State: TN
    Country: US
    Comments: I just love that a Rebecca McClure founded this. makes me so proud. Please feel free to contact me.
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