Cameroon - 2011 Dilemma

Cameroon is lapsing into a political psychosis instrumentalised by an establishment elite, whose avowed aim is to disrespect the 1996 Constitution. Particularly, they want to modify Article 6.2 which limits Presidential mandates to two consecutive Seven year terms. We will be doomed if we let this happen. There is nothing this regime has to offer post 2011, which it could not do in the past 25 years. It will be unfortunate if this vibrant generation of ours is sacrificed (once more) on the alter of political gain. The recent legislative election was maneuvered to give one political party the opportunity to tailor OUR constitution to its private ends. Armed with this electoral obesity, a handful of Cameroonians (mostly CPDM, ex-convicts, felons and some with dual-nationalities) want to modify OUR constitution in OUR name. Overnight, OUR constitution may revert from an institution of sovereign allegiance to one of political oppression. Furthermore, we should not trust those who modified the 1961 Constitution in 1996 (and refused to apply it) to make another amendment today! As true as Communism is a street idea upheld by the elite, Democracy is an elite idea upheld by the street. Biya


We are ABC (Anti-Biya Constitution Lobby) A loose association of concerned Cameroonians who think the time is ripe for change in Cameroon. Anyone standing in the way of change is an enemy of the state; and thus, our enemy. We do not claim any monopoly over change, but we think that Biya has nothing new to offer. Patience is not an act of surrender. We\'ve had it with Biya & Co.


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    Aghendia justice, Satellite Provider

    7 years ago Country: GB
    Comments: Damn biya!
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    baye enow, Satellite Provider

    7 years ago Country: CM
    Comments: Na true ... if we mollest some foreigners, their govements will be forced to intervene and pressure biya like in Zimbabwe.
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    Mvondo Tyran Sanguinaire, Canada

    7 years ago Country: BO
    Comments: Biya will be the cause of terrorism in Cameroon. The soonest we get rid of him and his regime, the safest this country will be. Some investors are now leaving the country. That's a sign that our action is counting. Let's go ahead !
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