Bring Football up to date - use camera technology

Worldcup 2010 is probably the best example yet of why camera technology should be used to assist the referees in making the right decisions. Every other sport uses technology for this apart from Football. The technology already exists and the fans can all see the bad decision, often before the game has even restarted, so slowing the game down is a poor excuse for not using them. You can have your say here.


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    Dejan, Serbia

    5 years ago Comments: The WC 2010 is ruined by the referees. Players and countries dreams have been crushed by unjust calls by the refeeres. This has to be stopped, FIFA must act now and use camera technology in key situations like penalties, red cards, goals etc. Offside should not be judget by refs but by sensors. A review of a suspicuous situation last 10 sec and this will not ruin the game but save it from currupt referees. The only problem is that FIFA is a maffia organization that doesn't care about fairness, why would they otherwise be so ingorant on the need of reviews?! Just look at Germany-England, Argentina-Mexico, Serbia-Australia etc etc etc...the list is long of games that have been ruined and match situation totally changed because of wrong referee calls.
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    jamie thompson, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: it's ur lack of willing to get up to date that costs matches on the biggest stage of them all. wake the f*** up
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    Paul Filkin, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: Bring in the technology. This sport needs it to prevent the game becoming a joke. Every year it gets worse.

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