Eliminate CA Contractors\' Rights to Mechanics Liens

Licensed Contractors in the State of California have an advantage over any other type of business entity, they are able to threaten their clients by placing a mechanics lien on their property. They don\'t even need a signed contract, just proof of delivery of materials to the property. Today\'s residential home improvement market is full of very unprofessional, unethical licensed contractors as well as unlicensed individuals. The laws that the licensed contractors are required to abide by are not to date with today\'s economical situation and the level of abuse that several consumers have experienced by unethical practices including frontloading, project abandonment and more. Contractors should, as any other business deal with the exact same collections risks that other businesses must endure. Contractors shoud not have the right to place mechanics liens on properties. Today\'s home owner is more likely to be subjected to the threat of a mechanics lien while accepting poor workmanship, lack of project completion and overpayment because they feel that they are unable to cancel a contract as a result of the contractor\'s poor performance. If other businesses must go through the normal collections process and risk non-payment by customers, why should a contractor have it easier If you have had a bad experience with a contractor or know of someone who has, please sign this petition. Home owners should not have to accept poor workmanship with a lingering threat over their heads by unethical contractors.


This petition is sponsored by an individual who tried to fire a contractor after a project that was due to be completed in 2 months took 4 months. He threatened with a mechanics lien, court and attorneys and we continued to allow him to work. It has now been 8 months and the project is overpaid and abandoned. Since this story, we have heard of other home owners with similar experiences.


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