Call’s Farm Home Owners Association Annual Dues Reduction

Call’s Farm HOA annual dues have not decreased in 6 years and remain $336 per household despite the fact that there is less common area per household than ever before due to increased community occupancy. With 253 community home sites annual dues have the potential to generate $85,000. Assuming current community occupancy at or around 75% means that annual dues generate nearly $64,000. We, the undersigned, wish to express our concern with the excessive amount of Call’s Farm HOA annual dues and request revisions to the annual budget. HOA annual dues should be applied solely towards the preservation of property values in the form of common area maintenance, pond maintenance, insurance, taxes and utilities. Annual dues should not be applied towards items such as the design, development and maintenance of an HOA web site or HOA-sponsored events and activities. We therefore demand that the HOA annual budget be revised and annual dues reduced accordingly.


Residents of Call's Farm


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    John Daley, United States

    6 years ago Comments: The concern raised by this petition are without merit. First and foremost, we all signed the contract and the fee’s were clearly stated. If you read this petition and believed it to be factual, you may want to do some homework or call one of the HOA Board members and learn the truth. As for the fee being excessive, cutting the fees prematurely would lack foresight. A rainy day fund is needed and prudent. Would you rather be hit with a huge assessment when some unforeseen event forces HOA to spend major capitol that they don’t have Even though your issues don’t warrant being addressed because you are to cowardly to sign your name to this rant, if you did some research, you would find that the common areas have grown in the last 24 months not shrunk as claimed in this petition, and the website is a very useful tool that I have used several times and it has saved me time and aggravation . As for all of you who signed this petition none of you should up at the HOA meeting last night. If you really believed in this you would have taken the time to show up and make your point. If you did this it would have been given serious consideration and would have been debated and voted on…but none of you bothered to show. This makes me think whom ever organized this is just rabble rousing without facts causing unnecessary tension and negativity for the members of the HOA Board. We owe the HOA Board thanks, not unnecessary heartburn over NON ISSUES. PS Don’t get me wrong…I want the fees to go down ASAP…I just think putting out a nameless petition is gutless…If you feel so strongly about this…1 PUT YOUR NAME ON IT 2run for HOA Board next year. JOHN DALEY JR 4784 GARNET CR
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    Jennifer Dilisio, United States

    6 years ago
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    Sonia Malhotra, United States

    6 years ago
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