Call For Separation of Church and State in Ireland

To the government of Ireland: A Call for Separation of Church and State

In response to the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar
and in response to all who have suffered under the abuse of the Catholic Church
in its ruling of institutions (that should be public and free of church influence) for SO many generations

we, the undersigned, call on the Irish Government to

1. immediately separate Church and State. The State must provide institutions of education and health and welfare free of church influence. Not one cent of Irish taxpayers' money should support any church in any way. No public institution should have religious icons or statues or any influence of a church displayed there. The public airways should not play the Angelus. This is essential to break the chains of oppression

2. ensure that those who were damaged by the church receive compensation and that the church (not the taxpayers) should pay that. Ensure that all those who now believe they are above the law because of their position in the church be shown very clearly by direct action that this is not the case

3. enact laws that protect women's rights in line with the directives of Europe including giving women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. We cannot continue to ignore the reality of those who travel daily to England because Ireland does not offer them the medical care they need




  • Deirdre Quirke The irish constitution was made with the Catholic church in mind, in a modern Ireland the Catholic Church shouldnt have their ideals forced onto people, they should be able to choose freely if they want to follow their rules and regulations... The state has paid out too much money in compensation, they deserve to, to an extent as none of what happened was a secret, the priest and nuns had too much power and a lot were rotten to the core, parents afraid to stand up to them over beating their children etc. we have had a horrible relationship with the Irish Catholic church, theses days, words like child aduction, child trafficing, duress, rape, assault... Would be used to describe what was done to our devouted followers.. Complete sham.

  • AL FARRELL Mexico has it. The Philippines has it. It's high time and even far beyond the time for Ireland to have it.

  • Marianne M. I despair of Ireland - a hovel with absolutely no respect for women. Nothing has changed. The same morons coming out with the same crap, day and night. Not a civilised place. Irish Politicians - as corrupt a breed as can be found anywhere on earth! Shame on you Ireland ! You rot to the core !

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    2 months ago Comments: Mexico has it. The Philippines has it. It's high time and even far beyond the time for Ireland to have it.
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