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Call Back Coach Jeff Bower as Southern Miss's head Football Coach

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USM legendary Head Football Coach Jeff Bower was inappropriatley fired then USM A.D. Gianinni. His record speaks volumes for the quaility of coachimg he brought to Southern Miss. During his 17 seasons at he helm of USM's football program he won 60% of his games, 4 Confernece Championships, several national ranking seasons and numerous other homors. Since his depature, the footbal program has gone downhill and we enjoyed one good season under Coach Fedora, who used USM as a stepping stone job. Coach Bower was a USM alumni and our former great quarterback. USM has an opportunity to correct a great wrong, Bower raised USM football standards to level we could only hope to ever repeat. USM should seek forgiveness and try to convinve him to once again raise USM Football to what we had during his 17 seasons.



  • Cory allen
    Cory allen United States, Montgomery
    Mar 29, 2016
    Mar 29, 2016
    Class of 1974 alumni - bring back the legend, coach Jeff. He created Farve.


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