Muslims Towards the Re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate

Muslims all over the world are suffering, and without one voice standing up to the oppression faced by our dear brothers and sisters, there is no resolution to the many conflicts, wars and calamities. Ummah Wahida is a movement to get Muslims to come together as One United People with One Voice.

This one voice can happen if we Muslims, all over the world, come together and call for the Islamic Caliphate to be re-established once again, and bring us all under one system, under Islam. With one voice, we can achieve amazing feats. We can reduce poverty, hunger and suffering amongst our Muslim brothers and sisters, and beyond that, throughout the entire world.

Yes, when the dolphins die, we made sure no more died. When the oil spilled, we got mad with the oil companies and made sure they cleaned up the mess, and never repeat such an act. When Muslims die and suffer, we sigh. Is that all we can do? Why can't we act as one body, as one people. With this petition to call for the oneness of our people, we can as 1.2 billion people come together and resolve issues that have deep roots.

This Petition is calling out all the Muslim countries and states in the world to recognise an Islamic Caliphate that serves all Muslims all over the world, regardless of dominations, sects or groups. As one, the next time we see or hear Muslims suffer in another part of the world, our Khalifa will know what to do.

With a Caliphate, we can take this world into the Golden Age, where peace will triumph over war and suffering. Together, we definitely can realise this.



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    Zeyad Mohamed, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Re-establishment of the Caliphate is an obligation on all Muslims collectively and individually. The Islamic superstate will also establish peace on Earth for all people irregardless of religion as it did for 1300 years.
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    'Terrorist', United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: yes yes yes, to long has the west sluaghtered our women and children and now wan't to astablish democracy in the middle east? Enough.
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    Aisa Maswarie, Singapore

    4 years ago Comments: InshaAllah, may Allah S.W.T give us the blessing to make this Good CAUSE happen....amin ya rabbal alamin. As Modest true muslim will have a great impact to see the sufferings on the life of our other muslim brothers and sisters such in Gaza where the life and their rights towards their homeland was monoplize by the zionist and in a life threatening state each day. As we muslim are now living in fast moving world towards Globalization.We often see and hear News in Media /Internet station that was manipulate by racist system distributing news which can cause spark ,anger and chaos to some muslims. Is there by chance muslims can rely on to ONE UMMAH Media station broadcastin on NEWS about political issue,religious issue,business and other issue on Islamic World Country ??Shall we just sit doing nothing let these racist mind thinking people monopolize taking control over the Islamic World country with their racist system ? Well,my hope if Islamic World country can make it happen for muslim all over the world to rely one system for the ONE UMMAH that will take control on important role in Islamic World Country that need to taken care as a whole on certain related issue! We are speaking of our mind living toward the next Generation with hope to live in the World full Love and Peace !Islam against TERRORISM , we are against terrorist act ! STOP WAR ! NO RACISM & STOP KILLING INNOCENT LIFE !
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