Caity Lotz for Permanent Black Canary

Caity Lotz has been brillant as Black Canary on Arrow. Sign and let the CW, Arrow Writers, and Producers know that we want to keep the current BC.


  • Alex Hernandez Wait, you mean she's not the permanent Black Canary? That's nuts! She's perfect. It makes perfect sense to keep her. She's great in the role, already has years of training as a ninja as well as great chemistry with Arrow. To give someone else that mantle without the 5 years of hell and training is to cheapen not only her story but Ollie's journey. .

  • Alan kaudaissy Caity Lotz is literally the one and only girl that could play this part.. She is truly amazing and brilliant and she is going places.. Letting her go would be like letting go of life...

  • Justin No one could replace Caity. She is perfect for the role.

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